Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Thirty

I just wanted to

"Shake off some of the Stink."

Day Twenty Nine

Some days.... ya just have to!!!

Day Twenty Eight

I have been reflecting a lot about the day Braedyn was born...  I suppose because we are talking about adding another little one to our family.

July 14, 2008 was the second best day of my life,
the first being the day I married my best friend. 
I remember crying all day long, knowing that he was coming because the Labor was scheduled with the Hospital.    I watched the whole birth on a Mirror and it was the most amazing, miraculous experience.    I sometimes complain about the plight of women, but  I believe Child Birth is the greatest gift that our Heavenly Father gave us women.   
I never imagined that being a Mother would be the hardest and the easiest task I would  ever take on.

I am so very Grateful for July 14th...
and every day that has followed.


Day Twenty Seven

Braedyn LOVES his Dinosaur...

It's funny to see how much he loves this "monster" now, because on Christmas Day and a week after... he wanted nothing to do with it.  He didn't even want to walk by it.  Aaaahh, funny kid!

Day Twenty Six

I taught Braedyn how to
Draw a Face.

This is Daddy!!!

Day Twenty Five

Breakfast for Dinner...

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Fresh Pineapple
Turkey Sausage
Orange Juice

Dee - LISH!!!

Day Twenty Four

For our Family activity tonight,
we made hand print HEARTS for our Front Door...

Lots of Fun!!!